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The true reality: beauty – inside and out

As of today (15th June 2020) the UK has been in some form of lockdown for twelve weeks (although restrictions are gradually being eased).

Where are we now? What have we learned?

I am in the over 70 bracket which means I have been self-isolating for a long time. I am alone, but not lonely. In more than nine weeks, apart from a daily walk, I left my home exactly twice: once to a shop for dog food and once to put petrol in my car.

However, in that time I’ve also been on an incredibly beautiful inner journey.

I’ve meditated—often several times a day.

I’ve worked on forgiving myself and asking for forgiveness from others through that wonderful tool, Ho’oponopono.

I’ve put my affairs in order.

I’ve considered hospitalisation, death and what I would like to happen if I contracted the virus.

I’ve told people I love them.

I’ve practised gratitude and the Reiki precepts.

I’ve drummed, danced, shaken myself all over.

I've listened to music and podcasts, read several books, and got half-way through writing another.

I've gardened and spent time wallowing in the beauty of Nature and Spring.

I've cooked and eaten nutritious food, walked and loved my dog — and slept and slept and slept.

But for many, because of a virus that threatens us all on a global scale, it is like living in an apocalyptic fantasy with an unknown killer stalking the very air that we breathe. Fear is tangible. Nothing like this, on this scale, has ever happened before in the history of the earth. Life goes on as usual in patterns that have quickly become familiar. People no longer say ‘See you soon’: instead they say ‘stay safe’ (which means stay in your own home and don’t leave it).

I’ve also felt the fear, woken with my heart in my mouth, checked the news each day, watched the number of deaths rise and begin to fall, missed my family terribly, missed the interaction with friends, missed teaching Reiki and giving hands-on treatments.

Above all, I’ve appreciated the kindness of others, the offers of help, the smiles of strangers as we pass in the street (correctly socially-distanced, of course) and have come to enjoy being alone. I appreciate the quiet and peacefulness that surrounds me, the birdsong in the morning, the sun filtering through birch trees to light a carpet of bluebells beneath.

The whole world is on pause and is the better for it, I believe, on an esoteric level. It is time to face our fears, to find the beauty within us, to remember our connection to the Oneness and to join with thousands of unknown others in surrounding the world with peace and healing. Here is a link to meditations that do this:

However I am gravely concerned. Now that we are easing our way out of our safe havens and back to 'normality', the level of fear is still almost unbelievably high. It seems to affect everyone, even people that I might have expected to take a more robust view.

Now that more data is available, it is time to become more fully informed about the nature of the virus and the threat it imposes on humankind, rather than relying solely on information provided by the Government and official media, who together have frightened us all into next week.

Sadly, any views that are not ‘official’ are all being strongly censored by the mainline media, not to mention Facebook and YouTube, under the pretext that they are ‘Fake News’, including suggestions that Vitamin C and Vitamin D are beneficial.(see

What ever happened to free speech? I may not agree with you but I defend your right to speak your opinion — especially if it differs from mine.

I have spent some time researching the disease that has us all locked into a fear syndrome — and the news is not as scary as it may seem. Rather than hiding our heads in the sand, I believe we need to do our own research, form our own opinions and take action accordingly, rather than simply accepting all that we are told by the powers that be. This is a good interview full of common sense.

For too long governments have been led by the nose by global corporations seeking profits. It is time for us as individuals to see where we are being led. If we do not like what we see, now is the time to stand up for our rights as a free people. Whether or not we are fearful, we must ‘speak truth to power’.

What a dichotomy — on the one hand, a world on pause in which exist all possibilities for a better, fairer, more loving world, and on the other more and more fear piled onto a public only too ready to give up personal freedom for the sake of so-called ’science’ as promulgated by a disgraced personage who flouted his own rules in order to meet his married lover. Not to mention a certain person who drove his family 260 miles and took a 30-mile sightseeing trip for reasons of 'childcare'.

How can we make sense of this and take the opportunity to change things for the better in (that dreadful term) the ‘new normal’?

In my next posts I shall strive to find out.


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