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Reiki Training 

I teach all levels of Usui Reiki – the wonderful, natural way of healing through the hands – in an enriched, enjoyable, peaceful environment.

Certificates are provided under my trading name of the Academy of Holistic Studies which was founded in 1996 and originally located in Hastings Old Town..

 For those who are already Usui Reiki Masters, I also teach all levels of Karuna® Reiki

One-to-One Reiki Tutorials

For those who have learned Reiki, but feel they need more.

Whether it's information, instruction, guidance, support, practice, or understanding, my aim is to give you all you need to add another dimension to your Reiki practice. This may be before practising as a Reiki Healer or Teacher, for your own healing, or simply a way to refresh your knowledge.

Each tutorial is individual and confidential.

Other Workshops

I also teach a number of one-day and week-end workshops that provide a basic knowledge of the subject in an enjoyable, easy-going environment.

One-day Workshops:


Sacred Sound

Spinning into Form (Subtle Anatomy)



Weekend Workshops

Earth Energies


Environmental Healing

Many people suffer from Geopathic Stress – the unseen energy of a place. 


  • you are not quite comfortable where you live and/or work.

  • you never feel quite well since you moved house

  • you (and/or others) who have lived or worked in the same space have become seriously ill, depressed or bad-tempered

  • relationships have worsened or suffered

  • plants don’t grow well

  • your pets have become ill or unsettled


These are all indications that there is something (or many things!) in your environment that is not harmonious and which is taking a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health.

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